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Nova Vitamins: The ultimate in nutritional science

Nova’s unique wholesale program offers high quality supplements
without mark-ups:  direct pricing from the manufacturer to your door. 

Nova’s products were formulated by Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC PhD (1908 -
2002) who believed the #1 health problem in America is our digestion. 
We were not created to digest processed foods and they are difficult to
avoid with the FDA allowing approximately 3,000 food preservatives and
additives in our foods. Digestion is a major key to our health, the cleaner
your digestion, the cleaner your blood, brain cells, it even gets rid of
headaches!   Try the products and see the difference Nova’s make.

Dr. Jensen travelled all over the world and discovered a huge difference
in American diets and diets in countries that had little heart disease and
cancer.  From Dr. Jensen’s book, Juicing Therapy, “If the soil is depleted
of important minerals, the fruit and vegetables grown from that soil will
be depleted of those same minerals.  The label “organic” on a fruit or
vegetable doesn’t guarantee that it has been grown on mineral rich soil. 
I use juices much the same as I use supplements –to get specific nutrients into the body fast so they can get to the cells and restore proper function and balance.”  Feed your cells! 

We should supplement due to the problem of our soils from the farming
methods and pesticide issues.  And the growing number of diseases
confirms our diets are inadequate, not to mention stress from pollution
and busy lifestyles that also contribute to voids in our nutrient supply.

So make a wise investment of $99.00, join the Nova Wholesale Program
and receive unlimited wholesale ordering privileges.  The “Ultimate in
Nutritional Science” isn’t a slogan.  Nova has done the science of what
our body’s need, the combinations and balances AND the correct form
for proper absorption.  Save money on expensive products everyday! 

Nova welcomes you and your family.  Please share Nova Vitamins and
help your family and friends save money too.

Your account becomes active the day you purchase your initial Nova
products.  Then you‘re on your own, order what you want when you
want with no monthly minimums, you won’t hear from Nova or receive
mailings, it’s easy to be a member so pass the word on to others about
Nova’s little known “coop” that saves you 30 – 50% everyday!
*Please call with any questions about the products or ordering process*

Learn more about our wholesale program (PDF)


Committed To My Health Kit

Committed To My Health Package:
1 of each product:
Starpack, Ascorba C,
Barleygrass Enzymes
pH Papers, Omega 3
Fish Oil, PainBeGone
& #5 Cleanser Caps.
Try a variety
and for a limited time,
each Health Kit includes
Wholesale Membership!
$99.00 ($225 value!)

 Number of Packages:



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