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Last weekend I bought a weeks worth of the Starpackets at the home show and love them!  I take Advair and haven't found anything to help my digestive system.  I feel like I've lost some weight this week and that's a miracle for me as I've tried everything and it's happened in 5 days!  They were working on our septic system yesterday and we couldn't use the toilet which normally isn't a problem all day but I was thankful we have a camping toilet!  When I called the Nova office to sign up for the Wholesale Program, they were great about getting my order of Starpacks in the mail right away as I only had 2 packets left and I want to keep them in my system everyday, they are working for me!  They are so easy to take and swallow and the benefits are unbelievable!

Angel - Yelm, WA

Nova Vitamins: The ultimate in nutritional science


I have taken Nova Vitamins since the early 80s. Dr. Bernard Jensen was a true healer and formulated a comprehensive product with the right balance of nutrition enhanced by herbs for improved absorption and increased energy. My routine has been a Starpack per day with about 2 grams of the Ascorba C.  It costs me a fortune to have them shipped to Costa Rica but it's worth it, there's nothing like the Starpacks in the stores. Today I am 62 years of age and look alot younger due to good nutrition and Nova quality.

Bill Reynolds
Herradura, Costa Rica

"When I tested my PH at the fair, I was yellow, very acidic, I knew I had problems with triglicerides and after taking the Starpacks and Barleygrass Enzymes for one month my pH is now slightly alkaline and I feel so much better!  I wish you could see how happy I am, the weight is starting to come off and my husband said I am making him feel like the woman he married!"

Anna - Rialto, CA

I am 89 years old and have been talking the Nova vitamins since they began almost 30 years ago and I am in perfect health and my friends comment on how much vitality I have!!! Thank-you Nova for the best vitamins.

I was introduced to Nova's time release Vitamin C in 1986 when I moved to Hawaii by my hanai daughter who was a nurse. She reminded me that C is the only vitamin that nourishes the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves. She advised if it was going to help it would do so in about 4-6 weeks. I had a severe sciatic nerve problem. Within 4 weeks the pain was gone and I seldom have a problem unless I over exert hiking ect.

I was a nurse case manager for a worker's comp injuries and often recommended it to people who had pain from nerve injuries. Some it helped and some not but those who were helped were very happy to have the C.

Carla has been so helpful over the years with promptly filling and mailing the C to me at such a reasonable cost-compared to what the prescription meds cost and didn't help.

You may use this and my name if you wish

Nancy Airhart

Just want to let you know that the vitamins work very well. I always do 45-1hr aerobics + Pilates everyday, and I used to hear my knees or ankles making the cracking sound all the time, and that started to decrease after a week of taking the vitamins =).

Thanks so much!

I’ve taken all kinds of vitamins over the years and haven’t felt any noticeable difference in how I feel.  Since I’ve been taking Nova Vitamins, I now remember to take them every day because of the significant difference in how much better I feel.  It’s almost like that fresh cup of coffee in the morning and so much better for me.

I have not had one sick day since, my energy level is up, my libido is way up, and because of the palpable difference in how I have been feeling, every other area of my life has improved.  I exercise more, I’m more pleasant to be around, my business is better, my love life is better and spiritually, I have so much more to be thankful for.

Balancing our lives can be a major challenge these days, and we often forget that our health benefits every area of our lives.

Rancho Mirage, CA

I have been taking NOVA's daily StarPack Vitamins since November 1980.  I can't imagine a day without NOVAS!

Hypoglycemia runs in my family and I believe one of the reasons my inherited hypoglycemia has not progressed to diabetes is due to the StarPack formulation.  The herbal support and the chromium in the Glucose Tolerance Factor are so important for regulating blood sugar!
I've tried many things in my successful battle to overcome depression.  Recently I added some extra NOVA products to my daily regime.  They immediately made the world brighter and more friendly to me!  I am thrilled to say I have achieved a greater level of happiness due to this easy addition to my schedule.

I am very grateful that I have NOVA Vitamins in my life.  They have increased my energy, helped me cut back on caffeine, improved my digestion and made me a better human being by easing my depression.  What more could a person want?

Donna H.    
Portland, OR

P.S.  Here is my NOVA regime:  A StarPacket with breakfast, an extra Vitamin C with breakfast, lunch and dinner and three Barleygrass Enzymes with lunch.  I often take two Unitabs with a protein snack about 3 PM, instead of a coffee break.  Then I take an extra ADE tablet with dinner.  It all works together to put a smile on my face! 

I can’t take Nova Vitamins without taking a blonde, brunette, or redhead!  

Long Island, NY

My hairdresser of 16 years said my hair is getting thicker and all I changed in my diet is adding the Nova Starpacks!  I also do not take the naps in the afternoon like I used to and my kids are happy about that!                 

Marysville, WA

Love these vitamins! I’ve been taking them for four months. They’re more complete and less expensive than anything you can find in the grocery or warehouse stores, and they don’t use the cheap ingredients you find in those stores, either. I recommend you get on the Nova Vitamins bus right away :-)

Been using these star packs for 30+yrs....never had the flu..or a flu shot...but I think Nova  was a big factor at staying healthy. On the road in the music biz for 25 years and still going...You can't get sick , there's no sick days at work ...the show must go on....Take your vitamins ...Thanks Nova


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