About Nova Vitamins

Top left: Beloved Dr. Bernard Jensen DC PhD (1908 – 2001)
Top right: Kristin and MMA Fighter Diego Sanchez
Bottom: Kristin and her son, she used the Starpacks for her prenatals and still takes them in her 60s.

Quality is the difference

Nova Vitamins originated in 1977 with the nutritional expertise of Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD (1908-2001) in formulating the products. Dr. Jensen believed the #1 health problem in America is our digestion. Try the Nova products for this reason alone!

Nova’s multiple formulas lead the nutritional field in multiple supplementation. Utilizing the highest quality raw materials, formulation based on the most current scientific knowledge, advanced production technology and diligent quality control, these products deliver a complete nutrient profile in a highly bio available form carefully balanced with respect to human requirements.

Nowhere in the formulations is expense ever considered over nutritional value. For example, we do not use cheap ascorbic acid or calcium carbornate in our formulas, check your supplements!  With Nova, “THE ULTIMATE IN NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE” is more than a phrase, it’s our commitment.  Give us a call for a free review of your supplements.

Nova Reaches the Top!

Sean Pilarski, who has taken Nova basically since he was born, climbed to the top of Mt. Rainier, 14,410 elevation, and proudly displayed a box of Nova Starpacks.

Join Sean in taking the Starpacks everyday and reach your “top” goals!



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